When I first went into the boot business, I didn’t know how to spell boot.... It took me a long time and a lot of heartache to get where I’m at. It would be really nice to pass all it on to somebody so they didn’t have to go through that mess.”
— George

Two days with George

It'd was probably a strange sight to local passerbys in Pentleton, Oregon: three twenty-somethings hovering around 70 year old boot-maker, George Ziermann, as he stoically toiled in his workshop on Main Street, just as he does everyday. I landed there after I connected with Farmrun's Andrew Plotsky and he told me about George, his world renown boots, and a mission to find him the next generation of boot-making. 

The MiSsion, the outcome

The mission stemmed from Andrew's experience having George fit and craft his own pair. Though I wasn't sure of how I'd contribute, I wanted to meet the man and get fitted for a pair for myself. Along with friend and photographer, Neil DaCosta, we drove to Eastern Oregon and spent two days capturing the process from every angle and solidifying our desire to share George's story our generation of craftsman. The result was a visual story which we shared across our shared network of friends and followers and an outpour of interest. Though George is still seeking an aprentice for the job, he'll have enough boot orders to keep him busy for the foreseeable future.

To learn more about George's Hand-Made Boots watch the video (a Vimeo Staff Pick) or contact George the old fashion way.