Have Kindle, Will Travel

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Inspiring Readers to find their story

Kindle is a brand synonymous with travel. This legacy device provides travelers instant access to millions of books to read without interruption from nearly any corner of the world. Books, like travel, allow us to expand our understanding of the world; to escape and explore. This is what excites me the most about working on this particular brand. 

While many brands struggle to reinvent and tell unique and authentic brand stories, Kindle creative encourages customers to find their own story, whether on the road or in the library they hold on their Kindle. From device and accessory launches on Amazon.com to PR, print, and social media campaigns, I never tire of telling Kindle travel stories. 



Senior Design Lead: Lisa Stasiulwicz
Associate Creative Director, Advertising: Katy Kennedy
Product Manager, Device Engagement: Kate Williams
Creative Operations Manager: Kirstin Hoffman
Agencies + Production: 24/7 Laundry Service, Bianco Artists