Amazon Insider: Exclusively on Fire Tablets


An Insider's Guide

Amazon Insider is the go-to place for Fire users to discover new content, get tips, tricks and recommendations on everything inside of Amazon. The channel aims to provide customers with easy access to new new books, videos, music, apps, and Alexa skills by delivering personalized recommendations to their home-screen and leads to a custom feed of creative content unique to their interests. 


Process and Scale

Launching this channel meant designing a visual framework for how content is featured, targeted, and scheduled to appear in a user's feed, not only based on their unique tastes, but for a cohesive browsing and discovery experience. My role in Amazon Insider has been to hone the look, tone, and feel of the channel, setting and communicating guidelines across dozens of design teams within Amazon and scaling that creative across the calendar. Now live in North America and the United Kingdom, Amazon Insider has successfully brought entertainment, tools, and skills to millions of users with many more to come.

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Creative + ART DIRECTION, UX CONTENT STRAtEGY, Global Localization & Bar-raising

Team: Fire Tablets
Photographer: Chris Hornbecker
Production: Revery